You’ve made the decision to outsource, but how do you choose a partner? In your search, you’ll have many questions. Charles River has many answers, but we’ve found that only one matters.

Simply, Yes.

The prosperity of even transactional relationships depends on a provider who understands your needs and can accommodate your timelines – factors which seem like a given, but many organizations fall short. You wouldn’t settle for less, but don’t you deserve more? A partner who can anticipate your needs and drive your success?

What could you achieve with people who are as invested in your project as you are? Who are ready to stand with you, fearless when stepping into the unknown, and prepared to handle unexpected challenges?

What are your questions?

Can my research continue?

Simply, yes. We're doing everything possible to make sure that happens.

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Can I trust you with something this important?

Simply, yes. Your goals are our goals and the reason we come to work every day.

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Do you have the therapeutic area expertise I need for my project?

Simply, yes. We offer the guidance and specialized services to drive your programs in oncology, neuroscience, CV and metabolic, musculoskeletal, inflammation, immunology, and rare diseases.

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Can you drive an entire program?

Simply, yes. It’s our specialty.

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Can you help me sort out our complex regulatory requirements?

Simply, yes. With a team of Regulatory and Scientific Advisors we can help manage strategic, operational, and regulatory risk across multiple dynamic markets.

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Will your organization continue to grow?

Simply, yes. Growth fuels innovation and makes it possible to serve.

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Will I feel like a priority?

Simply, yes. Every client, every project is unique and deserves the same dedicated attention.

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